Wine Club

The Wreckless Blenders Wine Club is an exclusive, highly valuable membership. 


Wine Club members receive the following benefits:

  • Early access to exclusive wine releases.
  • Access to all Wreckless events.
  • 20% discount on all purchases while a member.
  • Flash sales at Wreckless events.
  • Access to special, limited time discounts.

You have the following types of Membership to choose from:

  • Bottle-per-Month Club – This is great if you are near the Winery or the Concord location and can drop by to pick up your wine.
  • Case Club – This is a great option if you need to have your wine shipped to you.

Since the club has a cap to the number of members, you will be added to a queue. If there is room on the list, you will be added straightaway. If not, you will be added once there is room. You will receive a notification when added.

The following are details on the plans.

Bottle-per-Month Club

Unless you choose to ship your wine, you can pay for and pick up your allocation at Wreckless Wine Days. You can choose what wines to include, or you can let the Wreckless Blenders make a selection for you.

We will hold your allocation for up to 2 quarters. You can arrange to pick up your allocation or have your allocation shipped to you.

If you’ve asked to have your card on file, the information is securely stored in Square.

Case Club

The Case Club option is great if you live outside the area (Sacramento / Bay Area).

Once per year, normally in late September, we ship you the wine. You have a choice of 1, 2, or 3 cases (a case is 12 bottles). Before the shipment you have an opportunity to pick out the wines (or you can let the Wreckless Blenders choose). More information about the Case Club.

Errata and Details

You have to be of legal drinking age (21 years old or older) to be part of the Wreckless Wine Club.

Holding Allocation

For bottle-per-month club we will hold allocation for two quarters. We will make every effort to get in touch with you. If we are unable to reach you, we will refund any charges minus a 15% handling fee.


We know that things happen. We will make all efforts to set things straight if things go wrong.

Pausing or Cancelling

We are a small volume, high-quality winery. The number of wine club members is capped to make sure there is enough current release wine for everyone in the club. We actively manage membership status to make sure people get a chance to enjoy the Wreckless Wine Club benefits.

You can pause for up to two quarters (6 months) or cancel your membership at anytime. Use the Contact Us form (or email Rocket) to cancel/pause.

To ensure fair access to the Wine Club, if you have two quarters of allocation that are missed without notice, your wine club status will end. We will make an attempt to contact you before that time.

Bottle-per-Month Parameters

If you have not purchased wine for two consecutive quarters we will reach out to see if you’re still interested in maintaining your membership. At that point you have the option of pausing your membership for up to six months. If we don’t hear back from you by the next shipment your wine club status will end.

Case Club Parameters

We will reach out prior to the case club shipment (usually in September) to let you know what we’re shipping you. At that point you have the option to change any of the items with anything we have in stock. At that point you can choose to cancel your membership or pause for six months,