Wreckless Case Club

This is a Wine Club option where you have one, two, or three cases of Wreckless Blenders wine shipped to you every year.

This is an excellent option if you do not live in the area (Sacramento / SF Bay Area) or if you want to gift the shipment to someone not in the area.

How Case Club Works

In early September you will receive an email from Rocket (aka John Nichols) letting you know that the Case Club shipment is about to happen. You will have a chance to make a selection from the available wines (or letting the Wreckless Blenders choose).

Once you’ve made your choice, you will receive an Invoice. Once you’ve paid the invoice, we will ship the wine.

There might be times when we delay shipments due to weather.

Since we cap the number of Wine Club members we will add you to the queue. If there are available slots, you’ll be added right away. If the list is full we will add you when there is availability.

Use this form to get added to the queue!