The Wreckless Blenders welcome you! This site has information about the wines, events and the Wreckless Blenders Wine club.


The Abbreviated History of Wreckless Blenders

Started in the late 1980’s in a dusty Sacramento basement, a small band of scientists discovered they loved making wine… and, that they lived in the heart of wine grape growing territory. Thus initiated a hobby soon to be explosively out of control. Glass carboys turned to modified beer kegs, which in turn, morphed to oak barrels. Vines were planted, construction happened, reputation grew.. 

With each progressive step, capacity grew, and with it, innovation. Wreckless innovation. Scientists are want to improve things, and every year brought technical enhancements. We once separated the finished wine from the stems and seeds with a nylon mesh bag that we had to squeeze by hand… messy, and inefficient. Along came our first press! The Wreckless Blenders quickly learned how to make friends and source grapes. Our growers have become amazing friends, and this whole red-stained business is really about people and friendships, lubricated by fantastic wine. 

As the years progress, we discover cool new varietals growing here and there, often just a row or two… for a small winery, that small amount becomes a real player and allowed us to showcase wines that did not try to compete with the large wineries.

In 2007 we transitioned to commercial operation, and the Wreckless Blenders set up shop as a friendly, neighborhood winery in Carmichael, California. With a micro-winery capacity of around 100 cases per year, the Wreckless Blenders believe in minimal intervention – allowing the wines to mature and express their own character. Having access to amazing varietals has put the “W” in Wreckless. This small, mighty winery continues to drink outside the box. 

Wreckless, spelled with a W,  is about the adventurous spirit we bring to this obsession, about the synthesis of science, tradition, friendships, hard work, and innovation.

What’s next is only a vintage away!