Wineclub Limited Release Wines

There are Wreckless Blenders wines that are deemed “Limited Release” – this has to do with the quantity of wine produced. Here is how the Wineclub Members can participate. While this sounds a bit “legalese” we figure it is better you know how it will work up front.

You will get a message from us a few months before the Release Day. You have the option to indicate the allocation you’d like us to set aside (you do not need to purchase the wine at this time).

We will tally the allocation before the Release Date. In the event we are over-allocation, we will let you know of any adjustments.

Any wine not allocated to Wine Club members by the Release Date is made available for general purchase.

Starting on Release Date you can drop by any of the Wreckless Wine Days to taste the wine and confirm your allocation (if additional wine is available you can increase your allocation at that time) and complete the purchase.

You have up to three months to confirm and pick up your allocation. At that point, the wine shifts back to general availability.

If you are a Case Club Member, it will be more difficult to try the wine before you purchase. Depending on the amount of wine you’d like, we can accommodate a single-bottle purchase and shipment to try the wine before completing a larger purchase.