2018 Primitivo

2018 Primitivo, Wreckless Blenders


100% Primitivo


There was once a fierce Croatian pirate known far and wide as Very Dark Beard, who terrorized the Aegean Sea. On his way elsewhere, Very Dark Beard ship wrecked on Italy’s heel of the boot, Apulia. 

Much of his cargo washed ashore with him clinging atop. The native Apulians instantly threatened him with walking the plank right there on the beach but he saved the day by showing them how to plant cuttings of the native grape stock called Crljenak.

After many years and glorious harvests, Mr. Beard slipped away and surfaced somewhere in El Dorado, California, quite possibly near the very grape ranch of Andy and Elizabeth Standeven.

Pirate wine is not for the faint at heart or foolish by nature. Consume with care.

2017 Barbera


100% Shaker Ridge Barbera


Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, dreamed one tempestuous night of a mighty river flowing red, fragrant wine. By the light of the new moon, he tossed in his toga as lightning flashed across the sky. Like the bright freshness of a perfect red wine rolling across his godlike palate, thunder rolled over those ancient Italian hills. Bacchus smiled that smile he reserved for his favorite among the Nyads, a saucy sprite named Barbera… her brash wit, stinging delivery, and her long, lasting humor amused Bacchus to no end. He called her a party in a bottle. We wrecklessly concur.

2017 Wreckless Wred


Barbera 41%, Sangiovese 20%, Touriga Nacional 14%, Merlot 7%, Syrah 7%, Tempranillo 4%, Tinta Cao 3%, Souzao 2%, Tinta Amarela 2%


When  he is not drinking his favorite beer, the Sexiest Man Alive drinks Wreckless Wred… of course he does…we’d like to think so, anyway. Catching arrows in flight? Parting the Wred Sea? Splitting atoms with his teeth? Jumping to the right conclusion every time? Yes to all.

Leonardo da Vinci? Very wreckless.  Alexander Hamilton? Writing wreckless. So, wreckless is as wreckless drinks…the Wreckless Wred is an Italian blend, barbera and sangiovese, secretly seasoned with a smattering of French and grapes hailing from the Iberian Peninsula West. 

Uncork adventure (and remember, the “W” is silent)

2017 Merlot

Wreckless Blenders 2017 Merlot


90% Merlot, 10% Touriga Nacional


There’s two types of merlot out there… merlot, and Wreckless merlot. What makes it Wreckless? It’s gotta have backbone to hang all that flesh on. A big backbone. And it must have character, in the same way that our favorite pirate of yore has character. Charm, courage, swashbuckling sexuality, outrageous wit and a longing sense of adventure, with balance enough to stay on course. The El Dorado sunshine pours right out of the bottle, so pop this cork and let the journey begin!