2019 Dayglo


44.4% Barbera, 33.3% Sangiovese, 22.3% Merlot


Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and sultry pairings, revelled one Tuscan afternoon, quite content with the many grape varieties he took credit for and found his purple-footed minions very clever. Surrounded by his favorite nyads, especially that saucy Barbera (who knew just how to keep him youthful), a certain wrestlessness overtook him and he cast his godlike gaze over the salty seas until he came across a rugged land of terraced vineyards and beautiful maidens.

Barbera in one hand, Sangiovese in the other… it was a season of divine rolling rumblings, earthquakes, lightning, much shouting, at long last tempered by a lilting polish of Merlot…for a party that knows no end, we offer you our liquidic lovechild, Dayglo 2019