Online Store Instructions

Using Coupon Codes

To add a coupon code, enter the code before checkout.

Fulfillment Options

We offer three methods of fulfillment:

  • Shipping – to California only
  • Delivery – you enter your address and the system calculates the distance. It will let you know if it outside the range.
    • Carmichael – within 30 miles
    • Concord – within 30 miles
    • Heads-up: You have to change the “Pick up” location to be close to your place.
  • Pick-up – you can pick-up from the winery (or from the Bay Area location)


This is a short GIF of how to order using coupon codes and where to find the fulfillment options.

Wreckless Blenders Online Store - Using Coupon Codes and Fulfillment Options