2016 Touriga

Wreckless Blenders 2016 Touriga


100% Shaker Ridge Touriga


A quote from the original Planet of the Grapes, 1968

GEORGE TAYLOR: “I’m a seeker too. But my dreams aren’t like yours. I can’t help thinking that somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than Cabernet Sauvignon. Has to be…”

From the sunny west coast of the Iberian Peninsula grows a grape called Touriga. When first crushed the dark blue berries release a bright, floral aroma portending the wine to come. We wrecklessly say it is akin to Portuguese Zinfandel. How wreckless are you?

2015 Touriga

Wreckless Blenders, 2015 Touriga

It’s BACK! This grape from the Iberian Peninsula was a huge hit In its first 2013 release. This wine provides a counterpoint to the Wreckless selections where folks have discovered earthy, sagey, mushroomy, and tea flavors. Great dark color and tannins gives this wine flexibility as enjoyable alone or with hearty meals.

Blend and Vineyard

Shaker Ridge Vineyard El Dorado, 5% Merlot, 5% Sangiovese.