2016 Sangiovese

Wreckless Blenders 2016 Sangiovese


100% Gibson Ranch Sangiovese


One mention of Chianti and the sugarplum fairies put up pictures of Vespa scooters and the Leaning Tower of Pizza, and maybe The David and some plates of stunningly delicious food eaten overlooking the sea… Maybe thoughts of naughty debauchery in Pompeii before the lid came crashing down…we think of such scenes and many more with every sip.

Roberto Gibsoni has been delivering first-rate Sangiovese grapes to the Wreckless Blenders since 1996 from his estate on the Mendocino-Tuscan border…Lilting, elegant, seductive…oh my.

2015 Sangiovese

Wreckless Blenders, 2015 Sangiovese

Bob Gibson Vineyard, Mendocino County, 5% Merlot

Long standing club members are well aware of the quality wine produced from Bob’s grapes as this wine sells out very quickly! The depth of flavors in this wine were so tantalizing that the WBs agreed to only a minimal blend of Merlot just to provide a more lasting finish. Pasta, Pasta, more Pasta!